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10 reasons to read together

We tell you how books help maintain relationships

Reading is not only a great way to spend your leisure time. Thanks to books, we learn to articulate our thoughts more clearly and can visit different parts of the world without leaving home. And even go on this trip with your loved one. In our article, we will tell you how to increase your chances of a long-term relationship with the help of books.

Learn more about this world and each other

Book lovers are often very interesting people. They are always on the lookout for new exciting stories and are open to any experience. Most of the time their mind is busy with something, and therefore they do not get stuck in the swamp of life, but strive for constant development.

In turn, knowing the other person's book preferences allows us to better understand their inner world. You will be able to look under the masks behind which you used to hide your real selves, and you will understand what you really mean to each other.

To become smarter

Knowledge is power, and books do make us smarter. People who have been seriously engaged in reading together for a long time usually have higher intelligence and cope better with life's difficulties. This also applies to those problems that usually cause the destruction of relationships — reading couples are not so afraid of them.

Less distractions

Reading helps us become more collected and focused. Have you noticed that you are less distracted by gadgets when you hold a paper book in your hands? Over time, this behavior will become a habit, and you will become much more attentive. This will help you improve communication in a couple: you will learn to listen to each other long and intently.

To maintain health

Foreign studies have repeatedly confirmed that reading prevents the occurrence and slows down the development of Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia. So, reading together helps to take care of your health and preserve your brain's ability to work actively for many years to come.

Live happily

We have already mentioned in other articles that reading is a great weapon in the fight against stress. And in a couple, reducing the level of anxiety in one partner naturally affects the well-being of the second. The positive effect will be even more noticeable if you read together. This allows both participants to relax and encourages the development of imagination. Once you start, you will soon feel that you have the strength for other productive activities that are sure to make you even happier with your loved one.

They become more attractive to each other

Common desires and interests bring us closer together. People who like the same things as we do, literally fascinate us. When both people in a couple love books, they always have something to discuss — and this is another reason to enjoy each other's company.

You can get acquainted with your partner's favorite works and mentally travel to places that exist only in your imagination (for example, go to Narnia or middle-earth for a weekend). This experience will not only allow you to read more good books than alone, but also to achieve mutual understanding in a couple.

Learn to speak directly about your feelings

By adding to your vocabulary and observing the experiences of the characters in the books, you will develop emotional intelligence and learn how to choose the right words to talk to your partner about your feelings and intentions. This may seem like a small thing to some, but don't forget that the ability to communicate in the same language plays an important role in a relationship.

Maintain a balance in the relationship

Reading also helps maintain balance in the development of partners. When you get some experience together, including drawing it from books, you not only become closer emotionally, but also gradually equalize your intellectual capabilities. And this leads to increased mutual respect and love, which are so important for a strong relationship.

Feel a special closeness

Do you know why couples who read aloud to each other are more likely to hug in the evening? The fact is that reading together gives a special sense of closeness, similar to that experienced by children next to caring parents. And the best part is that this feeling can stay with us for a long time and flow into other aspects of our life. Thus, by sharing your favorite books and impressions from them with your partner, you can add tenderness to your relationship and make it a little brighter.

To facilitate communication in a couple and with friends

Your reading partner will always be able to support you in an argument with friends on a literary topic. And "bookworms" will definitely appear among them, because talking to a well-read person is not only pleasant, but also useful. By making reading a daily family practice, you will learn to Express your thoughts clearly and consistently and always find a topic to discuss. And having friends who share common interests with both partners is known to only strengthen their relationship.


Especially for those who have already decided to read with their "half", but do not know where to start, we have a few recommendations.


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