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10 reasons to go to new York

New York is considered the unofficial capital of the world, and we are sure that there are many more than a dozen reasons to visit this never-falling asleep metropolis. But today we will give 10 of the most compelling reasons for going on a trip to new York, and also prove that planning a trip to new York on your own is quite realistic and within the power of any novice tourist. So, follow our tips.

It is worth visiting new York to... visit the birthplace of skyscrapers.

Yes, now to see skyscrapers different kinds and types is possible without problems in almost every capital of the world, but new York is the birthplace of skyscrapers, and you can see the first examples, built in the days when skyscrapers were considered something out of science fiction. The number of skyscrapers in new York is off the scale, and they can and should be viewed not only from the outside, but also from the inside, and some viewing platforms are among the top five attractions in new York. So, the must-see skyscrapers of new York can be accurately attributed to the world trade center # 1, the Empire state building, the Chrysler building and the Rockefeller tower. Learn more about us skyscrapers in our separate article.

It is worth visiting new York to ... make sure that there are many absolutely free attractions here.

Contrary to popular belief that new York is an insanely expensive city, about how you can entertain yourself in new York for free. So, we remind you that the top museums in new York work in the "pay as much as you can" mode, and if you want, you can get a countermark for free admission. In addition, a boat ride from Manhattan to Staten island will also not cost You anything. The main thing is to get on the right boat, which departs from battery Park. You can explore the main sights of new York with a guide and his interesting stories, and this tour will also be completely free if you come to the Rockefeller center on Sunday at 10 am.

It's worth visiting new York to ... feel the Christmas spirit.

When thinking about where to go for the Christmas holidays, many choose European destinations, because it is believed that the traditions of celebrating Christmas there are truly fabulous and unusual. However, new York is not far behind in this regard. And indeed, the Big Apple (as the city is also called) is able to surprise You with its traditions, for example, skating at the main tree of America, or a new year's performance in Radio city Hall, or Christmas installations in the Macy's shopping center.

Visiting new York is worth it... to see a combination of incongruous.

No wonder new York is called a "melting pot", so many different cultural traditions are mixed here that almost every ethnic group can find their small homeland in the metropolis. For example, it is worth visiting the colorful "Little Italy" or the peculiar Eastern district of Chinatown. Well, if at some point you want to be in a place where you can hear Russian everywhere, then go to Brighton beach.

Visiting new York is worth it... to see the contrasts of the big city.

Indeed, new York is a huge city where fashionable neighborhoods and underground neighborhoods coexist, where, thanks to contrasts, the loft style was born, where the concept of "fashion" is associated with certain quarters of the city, as well as the concept of "slums" has become synonymous with some areas of the metropolis. To better navigate the administrative division of new York, we recommend that you read our separate article about the city's districts, and then you will always know which block to turn into and which is best avoided.

It is worth visiting new York to ... see its surroundings.

New York is located on the East coast of the United States, where a large number of major American cities such as Chicago, Boston, and Washington are concentrated. Each of these cities is quite possible to visit from new York. In addition, a frequent route of radial departures from new York is considered to be a trip to Niagara falls. For information on how to get to the major cities closest to new York, as well as how to get to Niagara falls and other natural attractions in the area, read our review of where you can go from new York.

It's worth visiting new York to ... see the symbol of freedom.

Anyway, but the Statue of Liberty, once given by the French, has become the most recognizable symbol not only of new York, but also of the whole of America, so you can not miss this attraction in any way. The statue is located on a separate island, accessible by ferry. You can climb the statue itself, but you will have to pass 356 steps to get to the viewing platform in the crown of the statue. The statue of Liberty is a mega-popular attraction in new York, so it is better to buy entrance tickets in advance, there are always huge queues near the statue.

Visit new York is worth it to... plunge into the local cultural life.

The cultural life of new York is in full swing, with films, famous TV shows, exhibitions and events, concerts and musicals taking place every day. To be at the center of this maelstrom, you just need to know the right places. So, to be on the set of a TV show as a spectator, it is worth visiting Rockefeller center, where the top American TV shows are filmed daily. To visit the musical, and new York is famous for its musical productions all over the world, go to the famous Broadway. Interesting art exhibitions are held in all the top museums in new York, but if you want something unusual and cutting-edge, it makes sense to visit one of the artistic districts of new York, where you can see truly unique works.

It's worth visiting new York to ... try the local cuisine.

Many people believe that American food is unassuming and consists mainly of fast food, but new York is not just an American city, it is the unofficial capital of the world, which means that here You can try authentic cuisine of almost any nation in the world. Especially popular here are Asian destinations – Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurants, but if you want, you can also find restaurants of fine French, Italian or Spanish cuisine. And in traditional Western American restaurants, you can try real steaks and American-style ribs.

Visiting new York is worth it... to live simple American joys.

What are the simple joy of the American, new York? For example, a picnic in Central Park or a walk across the Brooklyn pedestrian bridge overlooking the Bay, trekking to the stadium for an exciting sports match or a walk in times square, iridescent, leisure amusement Park on Coney island, or riding a speed Boat around the Bay – whichever option You choose, a trip to new York organized by yourself, will give You the experience of a lifetime! We hope that our travel savings tips will be useful to You!


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