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10 places in Paris that every tourist should visit!

When going on vacation in Paris, you need to know in advance about the main attractions of the city, so that after arrival you do not spend time searching for "fabulous" places. We present to your attention the ten most popular and visited attractions of Paris, which every traveler must visit.

The Louvre Museum

Have you watched the film "BELPHEGOR-the Ghost of the Louvre?". Do you want to visit the place where it was shot with famous, maybe even your favorite actors? Where did ghosts fly and mummies move? Then you have a direct route to the Louvre – one of the most ancient museums in the world. Every year it is visited by 7 to 10 million people.

The history of the Museum began in the 16th century. It was at this time that the castle was built on the right Bank of the river Seine. Many years later, it was reconstructed and the Palace "grew" in its place, and years later – in the eighteenth century, it was decided to convert the Palace into a Museum. On the tour, the guides will definitely acquaint you with the rich history of this building, you will be impressed!

Eiffel tower

Well, who doesn't know about this amazing design? Surely everyone knows about the famous tower! You will not find such a miracle in other cities of the world. The height of the tower is more than three hundred meters!

From this height, you can view the entire city, and even quite tall buildings seem to be two-story houses. The tower has a special viewing platform where tourists are allowed. You can take a photo as a souvenir and take pictures of the city.

Not many people know that the tower could not have been, because the design was created for a certain time. The only thing that saved it from being demolished was that the era of broadcasting arrived in time. The tower had antennas that received radio signals.


The arc de Triomphe was built in the nineteenth century. It is located on the "Triumphal path". The height of the vault is 30 meters, and the total height is about fifty meters. There are no higher arches in the world. The columns of the building are engraved with the names of soldiers who fought for the city's property, as well as pictures of the battles themselves.

You can go up to the observation deck and look at the city. Not so far away, by the way, is the Eiffel tower. The most ideal time for viewing is the deep evening. At this time, the tower lights up, and it shimmers with bright light. There is also a view of the entire length of the Champs-Elysees at the top. Be sure to visit this place to admire the size of the structure and the view. Take photos as a keepsake.

Elysian fields

The world-famous Champs-Elysees end near the arc de Triomphe. But in fact, these are not fields in the usual sense for us. This main thoroughfare of Paris has such an interesting name. There are always parades on it. The length of the "fields" is approximately two kilometers.

Initially, there was nothing interesting in the place of "fields". This was an unremarkable area of the city until the seventeenth century. Only after the order was given to improve the territory, its transformation began.

First, on the site of the current highway made walking areas, ten years later in that place began to build the first houses. Today, this is a very popular road, where parades are constantly held, columns of presidents of different countries move, etc.

Notre-Dame de Paris (Notre-Dame de Paris)

The Cathedral breaks records for attendance year on year. Tourists are attracted to this place for a reason. Both inside and outside the Cathedral is very beautiful. There is a grandstand in front of the building. Be sure to climb it.

The view that opens up to you will be amazing. While in the building, you must maintain complete silence. You will not have to pay for the entrance, but to climb the tower you will need to pay a little. You will not regret it for a second!

Want a tour? Go to the Cathedral and find the next sessions. A Russian-speaking guide will meet you and tell you a lot of stories. You can record everything on the recorder. You won't have to pay any money.

Palace Of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is located in the suburbs of the city. So you need to get there first. You can take a train or train. Reviews after visiting this place differ, but the negative ones are minimal.

Inside the Palace there is a huge hall of mirrors. Be sure to go there. A garden extends next to the architectural structure. Its area is striking. Mini-cars are available at the entrance to move along it. It is better to go to the Palace and Park complex for the whole day. Winter is not a good time to visit.

Disneyland in Paris

Do you think Disneyland is only in America? But no! This attraction can also boast of the capital of France. However, it did not appear with the filing of Parisians. This complex of amusement parks is the brainchild of a well-known company from the United States. This magical place has everything for kids. This is the best thing they will remember for many years to come.

On the territory of many castles, attractions, tents with treats, shops. A whole day is not enough to visit two parks. Of course, there are places where adults can have a great time.

The only disadvantage of such places is long queues. Sometimes you have to stand for an hour to get a portion of "their" feelings. One way to avoid such a fate is to fly to Paris at a time when there is no such influx of tourists. By the way, in order not to stand in line for tickets, it is better to buy them through the website.

Stade de France

Do you like football? Go to a football match at the Stade de France, which can accommodate up to eighty thousand fans. Maybe your favorite team will play. It was here that the French national team held numerous training sessions and matches against their rivals.

If desired, you can take a tour of the stadium and visit the premises where the players changed clothes, where the President of the country's football Federation sat. There is also a Museum inside. At the Stade de France, world-class stars perform periodically.

The Catacombs Of Paris

Do you want to see the skeletons and skulls of the dead with your own eyes? This is not a spectacle for everyone. Then go to the catacombs of Paris. Inside them are many tunnels and underground passages, caves, their length can reach three hundred kilometers! Presented? More than six million people have been buried in these places throughout history!

Visiting the catacombs of Paris is an opportunity to feel like in a horror movie. About three kilometers of free tunnels are available for tourists. It is dark inside, you have to move around with lanterns and this is additionally frightening. And if you add that it becomes harder to breathe underground.... However, visit this place yourself. It's better to see it once.

Museum of natural history in Paris

Inside the Museum there are collections of rare animals, birds, and insects. The number of species is estimated in millions. It has the largest collection of beetles in the world. There are various minerals and minerals. All of this is located in different galleries. If you are an entomologist, biologist or ecologist, visiting the Museum will be special.

These are not all the sights of Paris, but we will definitely tell you about others in the next series of articles. All the presented places are visited by millions of tourists every year and this is not for nothing. Do not stay away and you! Give yourself and your children a lot of positive impressions and emotions. Simplify your search for attractions and download a detailed map.


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