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10 must-try dishes in Italy

Sunny Italy is a real Paradise for foodies. Each dish is a quintessence of unique flavors and a storm of exciting aromas that permeate each piece. Italian cuisine is more than food, it is a real art available to everyone. Just thinking about the most delicate cheeses, aromatic herbs, savory oils and delicious seafood makes you want to book a one-way ticket and go on an exciting gastronomic journey as soon as possible.

10 dishes worth trying for tourists in Italy

Contrary to popular opinion, Italian cuisine is not only the usual pizza and pasta, but also a great variety of more interesting and unusual dishes that every tourist must try.


One of the most favorite dishes of native Italians is famous for its creamy consistency and unique creamy taste. The basic ingredient is pre-fried rice in olive oil, which is usually filled with meat or vegetable broth and simmered. Very often recognized masters of cooking also use truffle oil and a secret ingredient-saffron, which gives the risotto a characteristic Golden color and spicy flavor.


The most delicious meat or fish slices, richly seasoned with the most delicate mayonnaise sauce, olive oil and lemon juice, have long won the hearts of many tourists. This famous dish can be tasted in almost every Italian restaurant, but the most delicious carpaccio is traditionally served in Venice.


Classic lasagna is a puff pastry made of thin dough combined with:

with fragrant minced meat,

thick Bechamel sauce,

a scattering of delicious Parmesan,

But skilled cooks often bring a bit of originality and also add various vegetables, mushrooms and herbs, which makes the taste of the dish truly fantastic.


Not to try minestrone in Italy is a form of crime, because this thick vegetable soup, cooked in meat broth, is one of the recognized pearls of national cuisine.

Main ingredients:




onions and any legumes.

Many restaurants prefer to Supplement this dish with grated Parmesan and fragrant herbs, but this is more of an author's vision, rather than a generally accepted rule.


Lampredotto is a world-famous masterpiece of Tuscan cuisine, which is a favorite snack of every self-respecting Florentine. This simple sandwich with a filling of chopped cow's stomach usually shocks unprepared tourists, but those daredevils who still dare to try lampredotto will be pleasantly surprised by the original taste and unusual aroma.


Cow stomachs are a fairly common ingredient in classic Italian dishes. If you are not a stranger to experiments, then trippa is the perfect choice for a leisurely dinner in a cozy restaurant somewhere in the Central part of Rome. To prepare this dish, the chopped beef stomach is soaked for several hours, then cut and stewed in a spicy wine with the addition of olive oil, vegetables and secret meat sauce.


Gnocchi is the most popular and favorite Italian side dish, which is perfectly combined with meat and any seafood.

This dish is prepared from:

wheat flour




bread crumbs.

Many locals prefer gnocchi as an independent dish and complement it with a flavorful meat sauce with a small amount of ricotta.


Cacciucco - another work of art of Tuscan cooks, which is currently served everywhere. This is a thick soup made from fish broth, tomato sauce and dry wine with the addition of at least 5 types of seafood.


Tortellini incredibly familiar and reminiscent of authentic dumplings. They are prepared from unleavened dough and served with a filling of:





The taste of tortellini is somewhat similar to pasta and most often appears on the menu as a separate dish, but sometimes go in addition to broths and even salads. In any case, this is an incredibly delicious dish that is worthy of the attention of true connoisseurs of Italian cuisine.


Gelato is probably the most popular Italian dessert and a favorite treat of tourists who are ready to stand in huge queues in order to try this famous ice cream.

It is made from:


fresh cow's milk.

With the addition of:

delicious berries,





even alcohol.

Once tasted, you will always remain a fan of this amazing and delicious dessert.


Tiramisu has long won the hearts of people around the world, but only in Italy this dessert is made truly great. Only memories of the soft creamy taste and delicate consistency of this culinary masterpiece cause an irresistible desire to quickly find yourself in a cozy Italian cafe with a view of the Colosseum. And if you can't stand it, then tiramisu can be easily prepared at home. This will require a small amount of ingredients, a little time and a huge desire to please yourself and your loved ones.


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