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10 interesting facts about German men.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Tall, blue-eyed, blond. Punctual and practical. This is how many people imagine German men. What else is different about a typical German?

1. Takes care of your appearance and shaves your legs

Most German men are very attentive to their appearance. They follow fashion, play sports and do not disdain cosmetics. To look more masculine, young Germans grow beards, but at the same time they prefer to get rid of the rest of the vegetation on the body.

2. Wears sandals with socks

If you meet a man in sandals and white socks somewhere on vacation, it will almost certainly be a German. As soon as a German man leaves the borders of his native country, he becomes like Cinderella, whose dress at midnight turned into rags. And although the Germans do not miss the opportunity to laugh at those who practice this "trend", they are not in a hurry to part with it themselves.

3. A true intellectual

German men are educated and like to communicate on intellectual topics. They are actively interested in world events, understand politics and Economics. The German man is distinguished by his way of expressing himself accurately, using long abstruse sentences. He always calls things by their proper names, so he probably knows the name of " that thing over there»

4. Does not know how to flirt

Seeing a pretty girl on the street, a German man is unlikely to flirt or even get acquainted with her. And it's not just a low-key mentality. Because of feminism, men in Germany simply forgot how to flirt. By paying a compliment to an unknown girl, you can easily pass for a Casanova or, worse, offend the entire female race. When, for example, on vacation in Italy, a German woman hears "Ciao Bella" after herself, she admires the charm and temperament of local men. But as soon as a German man offers to buy her coffee, he immediately turns into a sex-crazed cretin.

5. An excellent cook

The culinary skills of most German men are not limited to frozen pizza and grilled sausages. A typical German not only knows how to cook, but also enjoys it. In his refrigerator, you can almost always find organic products and fresh vegetables. So it will not be difficult to please your favorite woman not only with a delicious, but also with a healthy dinner for a German man.

6. Does not pay for a girl in a restaurant

Personally, I have never had to go on dates with Germans, but I have heard many such stories from my friends. For example, a friend of mine suggested that her German boyfriend go out for dinner and then watch a movie at her house. He was outraged that constantly taking her to restaurants "will cost him a lot of money." By the way, before that they always met in the Park, so the guy did not have to spend money. My friend watched the movie alone that night.

7. Does not hurry to get married

The average man in Germany Matures for marriage only by the age of 35. And most often, he decides to marry not in a fit of passion, but after much thought. If you really want to connect with someone your life, then a German man should be completely confident in his chosen one. He can live with a girl for ten years before he decides to propose to her. In Germany, it is not uncommon for a couple to even have a child, but the man is still in no hurry to tie the knot.

8. Dreams of a Russian wife

There are many Germans among my friends who not only dream of it, but are already married to Russian girls. There is no need to explain for a long time: our women are beautiful and economic, and their man is always full, clean and happy. German women, obsessed with the idea of equality, do not spoil their chosen ones so much.

9. Participates in the upbringing of a child on an equal basis with a woman

This is one of the most attractive qualities of German men. It will not be difficult for them to change the baby's diaper or go to a parent-teacher meeting. In Germany, dads on playgrounds are common. I recently met my German neighbor. He was delighted to say that the whole week they will spend together with their son, as the baby's mother went on a business trip.

10. Pisses while sitting

In German toilets, you can often see a sign encouraging men to pee sitting down. Boys are taught to do this from childhood. The reason is very banal: to avoid splashing the toilet. While for our men writing standing up is a sign of masculinity, the Germans believe that this is at least impractical.

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