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10 interesting facts about Brisbane in Australia

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia (after Sydney and Melbourne) and the administrative center of the state of Queensland.

01. Every week more than 2000 people come to the city to stay in it forever. Brisbane ranks first in Australia (second in the world) in terms of population growth. Today, more than 2.4 million people live in Greater Brisbane. Only from 2011 to 2014, the annual population growth was 5.11% per year.

02. Impressive figures for a generally small city compared to global megacities.

03. Hard labor for convicts. The settlement of Edenglassey (as Brisbane was called in those days) was founded as a penal colony for especially dangerous convicts, and from 1824 to 1842 was the actual CAPITAL. It was strictly forbidden to settle on its territory. After 1842, the city became free to live and by 1891 its population had increased to 100,000 people.

04. Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia, although it was difficult to call it a city until 1925. It consisted of more than 20 small, scattered municipalities, located at a sufficient distance from each other.

05. Until 1960 the population of Brisbane was less than 500 000 people. Thus for seventy years the city has grown almost 5 times!

06. What attracts the city to itself? First of all, a favorable climate. The average air temperature in summer is +20 - + 27C, and +16-+23C in winter. In General, all year round comfortable, warm weather.

07. The climate creates excellent conditions for evergreen plants which the city is full.

08. The proximity to Sochi, the famous ocean resorts. The city has no direct access to the ocean, although it is located within a few dozen kilometers from it. However, this fact does not particularly upset anyone.

09. an hour and a half drive from the city center, on one side is the Sunshine Coast (Sunny beach), on the other side of the Golden Coast (Gold Coast) - famous throughout Australia ocean resorts. And those who are too lazy to go somewhere, they can relax right in the center of Brisbane. Great huh?

10. In addition to the beautiful greenery and Brisbane rich variety of architecture. Despite the high-rise and fairly compact center, up to 70% of urban buildings do not exceed two floors. Brisbane-often called the big village.

11. Well, the center, especially in the two thousandth has been transformed (and continues to be transformed), as the locals say beyond recognition. I got the impression that the residents are in love with their Brisby, as they affectionately call it.

12. Greater Brisbane produces more than 9% of Australia's GDP, with all production located far on the outskirts of the city. Even more surprising is the fact that the main sectors of the city's economy are tourism, agriculture, entertainment and hotel business!

13. I met a Creative approach to Christmas holidays in the local Anglican Cathedral-Christmas figures made from cardboard boxes.

14. have You ever seen something like this? Imagine an Orthodox Cathedral, the smell of incense, and images of saints made out of cardboard boxes... )

15. One in three Brisby residents was not born in Australia! Almost 30% of the population are migrants.

16. Most from Europe, New Zealand, India and of course China.

17. it is Worth slightly moving away from the center as the features of "one-story Australia"appear.

18. Although the area sometimes reminds me more of "one-story America", somewhere in California.

19. What's wrong with long beach? Or the same Hollywood?

20. the Brisbane river of the same Name, on which the city stands, brings not only comfort and recreation, but also significant problems. There are frequent floods.

21. The last significant happened in 2011. The water rose by 4.3 meters, flooding a decent area of "one-story Australia".

22. and on the river itself, at the peak of the flood, waves rose up to 3 meters. To be honest, I can hardly imagine it, but eyewitnesses say that it was so.


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