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10 Cute Things To Say To Your Crush

When you’re looking for things to say to your crush, you have to strike the right balance. Sometimes, you want to go in hot and heavy, but often, the better choice is to go for cute. Finding some cute things to say to your crush allows you to signal your interest without overwhelming her with your undying love. If cute is the right play for you, these lines manage to nail cute without getting too corny.

1. I Don’t Want You To Remember Me, I Only Need You Not To Forget Me.

A great line when you’re chatting at a bar or a club.

2. I Am Going To Call The Police Right Now. Why Did You Steal My Heart Like This?

Play this for the corny line it is, and it can come off really cute.

3. I Like You More Than Waking Up Late.

Use this when she asks if you need to go.

4. I’d Love It If You Came For A Walk On The Beach With Me, It’s One Of The Best Places To Get To Know Someone.

There’s nothing cuter and more romantic to most girls than a beach and a great conversation.

5. I Feel Like Ever Since I Met You I’ve Been Living The Best Dream Of My Life.

Save this one for after you’ve known her for a bit.

6. Are You The Square Root Of Two? Because I Always Feel Extra Irrational Around You.

If she’s a math geek, she’ll love this.

7. I Never Thought I Would Find Someone Who Makes Me Feel The Way You Do.

Cute and genuine. Always the best way to go.

8. What Is It With You And Your Awesomeness?

Slip this line in at a random moment to give a cute reminder how much you like her.

9. We’re All Special, You Know? But I Think You Raised The Bar On That.

Hard to imagine anyone that doesn’t feel great hearing this.

10. Hey You! Just Wanted To Let Me Know That You Make Me Act Like An Idiot Every Time You Are Nearby Me.

In some instances, this line can explain a lot.


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